Latest Articles: 
   Hitler was a Jew, working for the Jews. (Strange, but probably true.)
   Compiling QEMU/KVM (kvm-86). (Update May 2009)
   Installing Gentoo 2008.0 on a Qemu Disk Image (and KDE4).
   MPlayer & MEncoder (DVD/Movie/Video/MP3 Player & Encoder). (Update June 2009)
   Ripping a DVD to MPEG-4 using MEncoder.
   Articles on Palestine and the HolyCo$t.
   The Jew, Barack Hussein Obama.
   Jews = Nazis. (Proof)

 The Hans Reiser Murder Trial: 
   The Reiser Trial Jury was Rigged.
   Did Ellen Doren Kill Nina Reiser?
   The Hans Reiser Murder Trial. Timeline and Analysis.
   The First Two Days of the Reiser Trial. Notes and Comments.
   Collections of Press Reports Concerning the Reiser Murder Trial.

 The Reiser4 Filesystem: 
   Some Amazing Filesystem Benchmarks. Which Filesystem is Best? (Update)
   Compiling yourself a new Kernel (with Reiser4 support). (2.6.29 Kernel Patch)
   Installing your favorite Linux Distro on Reiser4.
   Installing GRUB on a Reiser4 Partition.
   The Linux Kernel Saboteurs.

 Contentious Politics: 
   Kernel Modules and the GPL (General Public License).
   Israel Fakes a Provocation for War (the "kidnapping" of Cpl Gilad Shalit).
   Bush, Blair, Putin, Merkel and many other leaders are all Jews. (Photos)
   Palestinian Authority, upset over (the Jew) Merkel's pro-Israel stance.
   Polish PM (the Jew Kaczynski) backs US missile shield.
   (the Jew) Sarkozy to strengthen French ties with Israel.
   Photos of Politicians Cavorting with Rabbis (2.2MB) (Photos)
   G.W. Bush, American Royalty. (New)

 Javascript Movies and 911: 
   Example - World Trade Center - Visible Pre-Detonations - Upper. (1.9MB)
   Example - World Trade Center - Visible Pre-Detonations - Lower. (1.7MB)
   Example - World Trade Center - Rows of Explosions. (1.6MB)
   Example - World Trade Center Seven - Demolition. (1.5MB)
   The World Trade Center Fires - Proof that 9/11 is a Gigantic Lie. (High Quality Videos)
   Best 9/11 Site I've Seen. Mirror Site. Another.

 QEMU and the Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM): 
   Installing Gentoo 2008.0 on a Qemu Disk Image (and KDE4).
   Compiling QEMU/KVM (kvm-86). (Update May 2009)
   QEMU/KVM and Windows Vista.

 Linux and Windows: 
   How To Clone Windows XP/2000 Installations.
   Installing a copy of Windows 2000/XP on a Spare Partition.
   Writing to Windows XP/2000/NT (NTFS) from Linux using NTFS-3g.

   Mplayer & Mencoder's Hidden Help Options.
   A list of Common Video Mode-Lines.
   A Script To Unpackage Archives (includes RPM, DEB, TAR and CAB packages).
   Linux Device Drivers 3 (the entire book as a single web-page).

 Compilation Guides: 
   Free Compilers and Cross-Compilers for Linux and Windows (GCC 4.2.3).
   Free Compilers and Cross-Compilers for Linux and Windows (GCC 4.3.0).
   Compiling (GRUB) from an RPM Source Package.
   Compiling (the game Chromium) from a Debian Source Package.
   Lame and mp3x (MP3 Encoder and Frame Analyzer).
   Adding Squash Filesystem Support to SuSE 10.

   Gentoo 2007.0 An Introduction to the Installation GUI.
   Gentoo 2006.0 Gnome, KDE and Xfce in less than 3 hours.
   Gentoo 2005.1 Installation Script/Walk-Through.
   So, what exactly is in the Gentoo initrd cpio archive, gentoo.igz?

 Other Stuff: 
   How to Download youtube Videos.
   Getting the Boot Splash Working.
   Remixing those 14 Debian CDs as 2 DVDs.
   3D Acceleration for ATI cards (works for SuSE, Mandriva and Debian).