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Latvian Online School

Update August 10, 2011: The content of this site has been moved to a new domain The new site has more lessons, more exercises, and also a community forum to help you learn the Latvian language. Please stop by!

Welcome to this online Latvian course! It is intended for people with no previous knowledge of the language, only a basic understanding about parts of speech (nouns, verbs etc.) is required.

This site aims to be the best place on the internet for self-studying Latvian. Every lesson includes a little bit of grammar, vocabulary, examples and exercises with answers. The lessons are designed to be learned in the given order but if you're not completely new to the language and only want to study a certain subject, you are welcome to browse through the lesson descriptions to find your subject of interest.

Before starting with the lessons, you should check out the Alphabet and Pronunciation page where also sound files are available.

This site is far from complete yet, it is constantly updated with new lessons, the target count for which is at least 50. The first part of lessons deal with key grammar concepts; later lessons will focus more on vocabulary and various real life situations.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail them to

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September 26th, more verbs added
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